The consulting areas are targeted to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises of services , and companies of the financial sector .


Advice and assistance in the interpretation and practical application of tax law :

  • Analysis and optimization of tax practices , both nationally and internationally , of feasibility plans , and setting up companies abroad for the development of trans- national enterprise.
  • Assistance in dealing with the tax authorities , answers and reasoned opinions concerning taxation .
  • Advice and assistance in the formation of budgets in general - ordinary enterprise , consolidated and intermediate - the accompanying notes and management reports .
  • Consultancy in the preparation of budget documents oriented to compliance with regulations in force and the best Italian and international practices.


  • Advice and assistance in the internationalization of the company.
  • Post establishment phases Assistance or opening of the branch .
  • Definition of the periodic reports and relationships with foreign professionals


Assistance to persons subject to controls and audits by tax authorities organs .

  • Consultancy in the prodromal contentious activity ( so-called law of rewards ) , management of relations with the offices and predispositions of acts of definition of tax debts .
  • Representation forward tax commissions in the litigation stage and in subsequent stages of recovery of tax credits .


Mayors activities in public companies operating in the banking, financial, industrial and commercial, as well as auditors for local authorities and components in the supervisory bodies in the area of business RESPONSIBILITY (Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 no. 231)

  • Advice and assistance in corporate law, establishment of new corporate initiatives, also of subjects vigliati by the Bank of Italy, preparation of shareholders' agreements and management of relationships between shareholders, capital transactions, advice and assistance, in general, to organs company.
  • Consulting and legal and contractual assistance for acquisitions, transfers, transformations, mergers, spin-offs, liquidations.
  • Assistance in the negotiations and in the transfer of stocks, shares and business complexes, business succession and generational change, placement of family-owned companies.
  • Feasibility and simulations related to extraordinary transactions.
  • Expert ratings of companies and assets.
  • Assistance in growth initiatives in national and international level, and setting up companies in Italy and abroad.

Corporate Restructuring

  • Advice and assistance in corporate crisis situations .
  • Rehabilitation interventions and debt restructuring .
  • Management of the agreements with creditors .
  • Advice and assistance in the use of bankruptcy procedures .
  • Assumption of appointments made by the Judicial Authority .

The multidisciplinary approach of the firm Magro Accountants associated in the management of corporate crises is characterized by the intervention of specialized professionals , even outside , if necessary, but affiliated to Education , operating under restructuring.
The appropriately formed group is coordinated by a dedicated contact person who follows the client .